Michael Joe Jackson Nós Te Amamos!

Nós Te Amamos!



Both Wade & James lied. Wade’ own mother said that her own lies are so “convincing” that he deserves an Oscar.

Wade and James said under oath that Michael Jackson has NEVER done anything inappropriate. Wade was questioned in detail during MJ’s criminal trial and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing by MJ.

In 2011, Wade was rejected for the main choreography work on the MJ-themed Cirque du Soleil show. His career was crumbling and his marriage was by a thread. It was at this moment that he suddenly “realized” that he had been abused.

Safechuck claims that he only realized that he was abused after Robson filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Jackson’s estate.

Both are claiming hundreds of millions of dollars. So far, four different processes have failed, but continue to pursue their claims for every dollar.

Robson was caught repeatedly lying during these proceedings and even hid evidence not only from the court, but even from his own lawyers. The judge found that “no rational investigator could believe Robson’s sworn statement.”

Dan Reed, director of ‘Leaving Neverland’, repeatedly admitted that he consciously made the decision not to interview anyone who might have given a different opinion on these stories. He did not want anyone to be able to discredit the story he wanted to tell. He also did no research on the claims or provided any evidence other than the word of two liars – again, after nothing but notoriety and money.

The only victim here is Michael Jackson.

Sad to see all this happening. Even more sad to know that the reputation of Michael, the artist who has helped the most children around the world, is being thrown into the mud once again for money. #mjinnocent

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